MoleSafe has advanced digital imaging technology that saves lives. Paired with our dermatologists, our services reduce unnecessary biopsies by 80 percent. Our goal is to detect melanoma (cancer) at the earliest possible stage. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive written report so you can track your overall dermatological health over the years. While our focus is on catching problematic moles before they become dangerous, we can only do that if you come in as soon as you notice something irregular.

Don’t become one of the thirty million Americans that will develop melanoma. If you notice a mole that’s growing or changing in color or texture, you could have a problem. If melanoma runs in your family, you have an increased chance of developing the disease. After you come in we will track your moles over the course of several follow-ups and determine if anything is amiss.

If you’re in need of mole testing, come to the professionals. There’s no reason to risk it. Our tests are painless, quick, and affordable. Take advantage of our numerous online resources, find out what groups are most at risk, come into our offices, or call today to schedule an appointment

Benefits of Using MoleSafe

Diagnostic Accuracy:

MoleSafe takes the early detection of melanoma very seriously. By combining modern technology with the skills of expert dermatologists/dermoscopists we are doing everything possible to accurately detect melanoma at the earliest possible stage. Afterall, the earlier we can detect melanoma the greater your chances of a full recovery.

Thorough Procedure:

Your initial MoleSafe consultation will take about 1 hour. This enables us to take digital images of all your lesions that are then assessed by our dermatologists/dermoscopists. Why? Because we take your concerns seriously. So, by the time you leave us we want you to feel assured that we have captured all relevant information for our dermatologists/dermoscopists to make an accurate assessment.


During your MoleSafe procedure, your qualified nurse will pass on plenty of information and useful tips about skin cancer and how to reduce your risks of getting skin cancer. This helps put you in control of your own skin.

Archiving of Data for Future MoleSafe Procedures:

MoleSafe is not just a point-in-time assessment of your skin but a lifelong partnership that helps you avoid the effects of melanoma skin cancer. All data captured during your initial consultation is encrypted and stored in a secure central server. These images serve as a baseline or reference point for future, follow-up appointments