In House Prescriptions

About Physician Dispensing

Point-of-care Dispensing increases patient convenience and compliance. Our in house prescription program provides the convenient option for our patients to receive their prescriptions at the time of their appointment.

75% of patients would prefer to obtain their prescriptions at their point of care. Point-of-care dispensing also positively affects compliance.

We are proud of our achievement of being accredited by the Physician Dispensing Association(PDA) for point-of-care compounding. The accreditation is awarded in recognition of our commitment to meeting and/or exceeding national quality standards.

Achieving accreditation is a process where we demonstrated compliance with national standards. This reflects an organization's dedication and commitment to meeting and exceeding standards which facilitate a higher level of performance for patient care.

The Physician Dispensing Association(PDA) is an independent accrediting body whose missionĀ  is to promote the quality, safe, and optimal outcomes of point-of-care dispensing through an accreditation process.

Where do the medication come from?

We've contracted with a U.S. based FDA facility to design custom prescription medications. All medications are produced using FDA approved National Drug Code ingredients. We prepare these custom prescriptions specifically for your skin condition and we have the ability to remove ingredients that are known to be allergens or irritants. With this service our patients are reporting better outcomes and satisfaction.

How Do I Pay for My Prescription?

Payment is accepted immediately following your appointment at checkout. This program dose not allow us to bill your prescription benefit; however, the cost is generally less than your copay, and you can submit the cost to your Health Saving Account or use your Flexible Spending Account(FSA).