All Island Dermatology Plastic Surgery and Laser Center is both pleased and proud to announce that we have taken a critical step in advancing the EFFICIENCY, and AFFORDABILITY of your care!

We have contracted with an FDA facility in order to customize the pharmaceutical prescription medications that we prescribe.


  • Dispense at the time of your visit(no more trips to the pharmacy)
  • Offer prescriptions that are cost effective

Although such a convenient service would ordinarily come with a premium price, All Island Dermatology Plastic Surgery and Laser Center will be offering these prescription for LESS THAN THE COST OF YOUR INSURANCE CO-PAY.

This new option enables All Island Dermatology Plastic Surgery and Laser Center to create a more convenient solution than sending you to the pharmacy, helps control and minimize the out-of-pocket expense to you, and effectively prescribe medication without the interference of insurance companies.

As always, YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! if you feel that this service is not right for you, Please tell your provider that you prefer to receive commercially available medications from a pharmacy.

It is our goal to advance the quality of our care and our service to you, our patient!

Thank you !

In the US, prescription drug costs are rising faster than any other component of health care expenditures, and show no signs of slowing1
. Spending on prescription drugs has been estimated the Health Care finance Administration(HCFA) to be rising by approximately 12% per year, more than twice the rate for national health care expenditures(5.1%)2

Special medications have limited or No substitutions. From 2013 to 2015, the amount of medication that required prior authorization quadrupled.

70% of patients who encounter prior authorization, do not receive the originally prescribed medication, but rather a substitution.

"Dermatologist say price rises, and an increasing tendency of pharmacy benefit managers to refuse to pay for certain drugs they view as unnecessarily expensive, are making it difficult for patients to obtain the drugs they prescribe. The American Academy of Dermatology established a task force on pharmaceutical prices and price transparency this your to try to come up with solutions."